Goal 17 is a partnership network
helping you and your organisation on your sustainability transformation journey to become a net-positive organisation


Goal 17 helps organizations operationalize their sustainability management strategy through the creation and deployment of a tailored Sustainability Management System (SMS).

An SMS is a framework designed to help organisations manage their environmental, social, and economic impacts in a holistic and systematic way. An SMS encompasses trained and motivated people, defined and managed processes, selected and deployed technology, and designed and implemented tools needed to deliver sustainable progress. Structured to ensure policy, governance, planning, and reporting are baked into day-to-day activities, becoming a natural part of doing business.

Our services are geared towards guiding and supporting our clients on their sustainability journey and developing their Sustainability Management System


Partners & Memberships


ServiceNow is a leading cloud-based platform that helps businesses streamline their IT, employee, and customer workflows, driving digital transformation across the organization. Goal 17 is

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Global Reporting Initiative

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is the independent, international organisation that helps businesses and other organisations take responsibility for their impacts, by providing them with the

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MVO Nederland

MVO Nederland (Corporate Social Responsibility Netherlands) is a leading network organization focused on promoting sustainability and social responsibility within the Dutch business community. By connecting

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De Correspondent

The Correspondent is an online news platform that focuses on producing high-quality, in-depth journalism on a wide range of topics, including sustainability. The platform was

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TreeHugger is a sustainability-focused website that provides news, information, and resources on a wide range of environmental topics. The website was founded in 2004 and

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How to Save a Planet

“How to Save a Planet is a podcast that asks the big questions: What do we need to do to solve the climate crisis, and

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We are committed to sustainable development where social, ecological and economic goals are in balance.

We build partnerships with individuals, SMEs, corporations, NGOs and governments that bring value to all stakeholders.

We acknowledge that urgent, positive, fair, responsible and collaborative action is required to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by 2030.

We facilitate organisations in contributing towards the goals by providing awareness, advice and developing solutions.