Why we care

We cannot keep consuming the planets resources without realising that this shall have profound consequences and bring the earth and its inhabitants into conflict.

The planet needs our help! Unless we change our lifestyle and way of working what are we going to leave behind to our children? What shall they inherit from us and what shall they say when faced with the mounting environmental challenges? 

The temperature keeps rising and the year 2020 was the warmest one since measurements began in 1880. This is having a dramatic affect on the planet and can lead to ice-melting and rising sea levels on the one hand and dry river beds and failing crops on the other. The problems this could then cause for wildlife and the migration of people as they seek shelter and water are becoming increasingly visible. Similarly, if we carry on as we are, it is estimated that by the year 2050 there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

What does the future hold for our children? Shall they say their parents were active in preserving their future or shall they say we ignored the signs and carried on in a selfish manner? That we squandered the opportunity to reverse the damage and left this pollution debt to them? If so, would that debt ultimately be too large for them to repay?

We are parents, children, siblings and partners who care passionately about what is happening around us. We are inspired by those who went before us playing their part to reverse the damage being caused through plastic, CO2 and other types of pollution. We can no longer stand by while others abuse the planet and its resources as we have done the past decades.

We want to apply our experience and the skills we have learned working in different industries to help make the world a better, healthier place to live in. We want to encourage and help organisations embrace sustainable development, not only for us now but for our children and their children.